Video: Painter Eddie Martinez on Art21

One of my favorite contemporary painters is Eddie Martinez and these videos are great inspiration. If you're into behind the scenes footage and artistic process, these are definitely worth a watch.


How does it feel to start a new painting? Filmed in his Greenpoint, Brooklyn studio, artist Eddie Martinez starts a large new painting while taking a break to walk his French bulldog Franny in his graffiti-clad neighborhood. Surrounded by an abundance of recently completed paintings, Martinez refers to these compositions while working on a new seven-by-ten foot canvas.

Why would an artist change his signature style after proven success? Walking the graffiti-filled streets of his Greenpoint neighborhood and working in his nearby Williamsburg studio, Brooklyn-based artist Eddie Martinez discusses the motivation to shift his paintings from Pop-like figurations to pared down abstractions.
Eddie Martinez: Paintings
By Ross Simonini, Glenn O'Brien, Monica Ramirez-Montagut